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Helloo my internet friends. I’ve never been good at consistency, but luckily I’ve got my man Soll keeping me in check and as promised here is another ‘I create my own reality episode’, Episode 2! If you’re new here and have no idea what i am talking about ‘I create my own reality’ is my new VLOG series I’am creating with my partner in life and in business Chris. Thanks so much for watching the first one and if you missed that one, be sure to check it out before this one HERE 😉

This episode is during our few amazing days at Lifestyle Retreats ‘The Samata’, which is an incredible hotel in Sanur, Bali. We literally had the whole hotel to ourselves the whole time we were there, I’ve never had a whole hotel to myself, let alone stayed anywhere as incredible as the Samata, which is saying a lot because we’ve stayed in some beautiful places!

We got loads of work done and also played lots, so I hope you enjoy Episode 2. I would really love you to give us feedback and your comments below. We are both totally new to this Vlogging thing and your support and comments mean the world.

Good Vibes Fox and Soll

Music Credits: Ta-Ku, Tycho

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  • Isabel Rodríguez

    I like this beautiful place!

  • Kimberley Winslow

    Really enjoyed your vlog, would love to see more. <3