Video: Learn how to do a 5 minute mindfulness meditation with me.


Hey Guys!
So todays video is a really special one for me. Every since I’ve started practising meditation I’ve known it was going to become a HUGE part of my life. So much so that I’ve now become a mindfulness Meditation teacher and live and breathe my big vision of teaching and supporting as many people as possible with meditation and mindfulness. It’s my goal to help you be a happy, healthy and mentally well individual, because everyone deserves to have peace of mind, but sometimes we just don’t have the tools, resources or support to become our best selves. Trust that I know the feeling, I’ve been there myself, before I started on this path I was an overthinking mess, with little influence over my emotions and inner turmoil.
This Series is a weekly content series providing you with MINDSPO aka ‘Mind Inspiring Content!
I’m so excited about starting this chapter with all of you, it lights me up to be producing content of this nature and helping others.

P.S Don’t forget to leave your email at www.mindspo.com so I can touch base with you as I’ve got so much more to come!

PP.S 😛 Excuse the slight lighting changes and slight echo, I’m still working on my setup!

Sending you Good Vibes and lots of love.
Fox x

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  • http://lovefromberlin.net/ rae

    Definitely nee to try to incorporate a 5 minute mindfulness meditation into my daily routine! Thanks for sharing!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  • Hun Tature

    That’s great! I’ll surely try to practice that everyday :) Just subscribed to your channel! Thanks a lot for sharing beautiful


  • A Day Off

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m not good at taking the time to stand still en be aware of the things I like and that make me happy.
    I’ve been sleeping horribly for e few years now, and even my doctor told me I needed to do something that completely relaxes AND energizes me.
    I’m gonna try tonight with this routine!