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Hello my internet friends!

So this is my second vlog in my Transformation Tuesdays series and my second week of training !

This week I wanted to get a body scan to analyse exactly where I’m at right now in terms of my body fat and muscle distribution on my body! I talk through some of my results in this Vlog, but I’ve also copied in my scan for you here so that you can check out a bunch of my other results and I’ll be posting my next scan on my blog as well. Body scans like the one I’ve done here give you an incredible overview of everything you would want to know when starting a fitness journey. While they’re not for everyone I’m so happy I got it done and found the results super interesting and somewhat surprising!

Training wise so far I’ve been going strong and keeping super committed, I’m slowly getting stricter on my food plan, but also keeping it a little flexible because I believe in an 80/20 approach to life and I never want to restrict myself too much! That said the food plan that Mia my PT from Forever Fit Nation put together is great and I’ve got lots of variety. I am just not used to being so organised with meals, so it’s like learning a new skill!

I’d love to hear from you below or over on my YouTube comments about your own fitness journey and any questions you might have about mine, as I might do a Q&A soon!

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  • Jemma

    I just love LOVE your real’ness, you resonate with me so so much its crazy! I love how much YOU just LOVE YOU! And your emphasis on ‘You know your not fat’ ‘everyones different’ ‘dont get obsessed and anxious over scans’ etc etc WOW just wow. I thought i was inspired before i found you, now its hit new levels! So thank you so very much. Keep being you and just do whatever you feel feels GOOD! Much lovr amd good bibes always to you xxxx

  • Sonya Ann

    woahhh amazing progress!


  • Shae Rudd

    I’m almost finished a 9 week transformation and have had similar goals to yours with wanting to get more lean muscle and reduce body fat! So nice to see someone who is “thin” wanting to improve and become stronger. I found your Youtube channel through your 5min meditation video and it’s helped me so much with my own issues and learning to let things go and not get worked up about things I cannot control. Thank you so much for that! You’re such an inspiration :)