Hey Fam,

If you follow me on Instagram (@rochelle_fox) you would have seen me post about Ocean Zen which is an amazing sustainable swimwear brand that I really love and want to support.

The owner and creator of Ocean Zen is actually a inspiring entrepreneur named Steph Gabriel who was actually one of my first meditation students when we launched Mindspo (My online Meditation course). Since meditating Steph has seen incredible results in her business which really lights me up because what she does is so inspiring and I feel blessed to have helped in some small way along her journey.

All Ocean Zen bikini’s are produced sustainably and are made from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottle caps from the ocean. I never would have thought through using bottle caps and fishing nets anyone could make such beautiful and colourful bikini’s.

If your looking for a new bikini buy Ocean Zen and not only will you purchase a beautiful new bikini you will also be helping save our precious ocean.

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