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VIDEO: Q&A moving to Ibiza for summer, My Goals and MORE!

So I’ve wanted to start doing more chilled chatty video’s so you can get to know me better. Social media is such a funny thing. I’ve always lived my life through photo’s and blog posts but lately all I’ve wanted to do is Snapchat (follow me FOX_ROCHELLE) and film. For my first sit down Q&A I went through some questions I’ve been getting on travel, my opinions, goals and lots more! I am super keen to keep doing these so keep the questions coming! If you’re not already subscribed do it 😛

P.S outfit is from Hello Molly Fashion 

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  • Audrey Hee

    I LOVE your accent, it’s adorable. And you’re so gorgeous. <3


  • Louise

    Love the video!! So much energy!! You’re beautiful!! Thank you for the kind comment on my blog, always trying to return the support!


    love the video!!

  • Isabel Rodríguez

    I like this nice video!

  • the italian glam

    so many great news on your blog, babe…keep doing this…

  • Hun Tature

    I really enjoyed your video! Nice one

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    Great vid girl! Thanks for sharing! Have a fabulous Wednesday!
    Much love, Len

  • Prudence Yeo

    It must be so cool to start your own video, thanks for sharing!


  • Krisztina Williams

    Great video!:) Love what you said about being yourself. I’m happy to have found your blog and instagram. Looks like some great travel inspo!:)


  • Jenelle Witty

    Yes! 110% be yourself, I love this message.
    Also, I agree, having strong women in my life has helped a lot. The support from positive women encouraging you is so invaluable.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving me a message babe. Love your work.
    xx Jenelle