What to do when you feel depressed, Sad, Anxious, down and can't get out of bed

What to do when you feel depressed, Sad, Anxious, down and can’t get out of bed

So today I felt super SHIT, I had some bad news about a old friend passing, I’ve kinda done my neck and back out from Skii’ing and you know it’s just been a bunch of things piling up leaving me with the blues. I would never usually think to film when I am in the kind of mood I have been today. I’ve had a channel like this when I’ve felt as bad as I have today and the idea of filming with a shitty mood and not so awesome mindset a year ago would have seemed crazy to me. Why? Well because I wanted to only ever give good vibes, spread love and positivity and be a happy, healthy and joyful example to people. As I’ve grown I’ve come to learn that hey it’s actually 110% find not to be okay, and I really need to share (when I feel the need to) my ups and downs with my awesome YouTube family because this is part of life. I also realised while filming this video that I needed to open up about a few things with you all, I have not really shared my story or past that much and it’s made me who I am today so hopefully in this video I can start to shine some light on the OLD Rochelle and how far I’ve come to be the new Rochelle. I didn’t make this video to have you all write I hope your okay or i love you or give me support although you are all awesome like that so I know you will but please know this video is for you to know your not alone. I used to think I was totally alone that no one got me felt the way I felt of understood that some days I fucking could not get outta bed but know I know others feel like that too and that’s okay but more importantly you can change that. You can make yourself feel better there’s so many simple, easy tips that can turn a shitty mindset into a more grateful and happy one it just takes some effort, some love and time.

I’ve put some resources for each little tip I did today to help you guys get outta a funk if you’re feeling blue so please check them out and share this around if you feel like it can help anyone.

Let’s all be like puppies and pets and spread love to each other in the comments and help anyone who needs it because we all need to know it’s okay not to be okay and we’re all in this together.


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  • http://charactersandcarryons.com/ Joyce Pak

    I’m so sorry, I hope you are doing ok. Thanks for this helpful advice, I think that’s great that when you’re feeling down, you still want to help others and share your feelings. I love when people are real and share the tough stuff too, because life it’s all perfect like it seems like on instagram

    Characters & Carry-ons

  • http://dreamofadventures.blogspot.com/ dreamofadventures

    You are an angel =o) I loved this video so much! I definitely have days were I am overstressed an anxiety levels are through the roof. I recently started meditating after seeing your video about how to begin meditation. It has been such a helpful tool for me, especially right now where I have a lot of changes coming up in my life that have been making me stressed out. Thank you for sharing this =o)